Do you admire a beautiful scent lingering in the room; a fragrance that envelops your senses and gives the space a touch of cosiness and fosters blissful relaxation? Do you want to relish subtly permeating fragrances? Are you intrigued by different fragrance notes and do you want to choose specific ones on a daily basis, depending on your mood? Wax warmers for essential oils and wax melts are our luxury offer that any lover of home fragrance ritual just can't turn a blind eye to. Explore the effective designs of the GREYHOUND CANDLE brand!

Wax warmer that exudes a magical aura

Wax warmers that create our fragrant collection are absolutely unique. Their uniqueness is a blend of both original design and manual production with attention to every detail. Our offer includes unique works of Marcin Boratyn, a Polish artist who brings his meaningful visions to life with the use of natural materials. Each of the elements that complete the design of the wax warmer conveys a symbolical value that can be individually interpreted, which makes this decorative item personal. You can give the composition any value you find in it; one that will be close to your sensitivity and sense of beauty. Thanks to that, an exclusive wax warmer for essential oils and wax melts which will become a part of your space, it will help you express yourself with both its appearance and the emitted fragrance.


What are wax warmers and how do they work?

The aficionados of unhurried celebration of the daily life in a fragrant setting have a soft spot not only for classic scented candles. A luxury wax warmer for essential oils and wax melts perfectly complements the interior and a relaxation ritual that takes place there; one that allows you to leave the burden of everyday life behind. The warmer consists of two pieces – bottom one, designed for a tea light, and the top one in the form of a bowl. Thanks to the heat, wax medallions or essential oils placed over the flame start to release their enchanting base, heart, and top notes. Developed fragrance compositions are identical to those found in our candles but, unlike them, wax warmers allow you to listen to various fragrant stories for a long time. Each of them lasts for 35 hours, as this is the burn time of one wax medallion. When after that time, no scent is released, you can choose another one and continue your aromatic journey.


Which interiors will gain new ambience with GREYHOUND CANDLE wax warmers?

You deserve to enjoy a unique atmosphere in every place and situation; you deserve to surround yourself with beautiful things and enchanting fragrances. Refined in every detail, a wax warmer for wax melts and essential oils will work perfectly in a living room filling the space intended for unwinding with a relaxing atmosphere and an ambiance that unleashes positive emotions. The flame that heats up the wax melt and brings out the best in it for the senses will turn an ordinary bathroom into a genuine bathing suite that facilitates care rituals just like in the best SPA. The scent of a carefully created fragrance composition lingering in the office will inspire you with new ideas and turn work into real pleasure. You decide when, where, and which atmosphere you create around yourself with emitted aromas that soothe the body and bring relief to the soul.

We encourage you to purchase unique wax burners for wax melts and essential oils that will introduce a new dimension of spirituality to your daily life!



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