RUAH - SPIRITUALITY scented candle 960g

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Light, elegant fragrance that will mainly appeal to all men. In a room, it creates an atmosphere that fosters creative pursuit and reflection.


At GREYHOUND CANDLE you will find numerous references to spirituality. After all, fragrances have always been used in religious rituals and rites of various cultures due to their strong effect that could put people in the right state of mind, a trance even, allowing contact with the deity. The RUAH candle is a variation on the theme of the possible scent of the Holy Spirit. The name references the Hebrew word meaning breath; in the Old Testament, it was precisely this term that referred to the Holy Spirit. What is Ruah? It's a gentle gust of wind on a summer day that carries the scent of the sea and brings refreshment. One that destroys with mighty storm everything on its way. Ruah is also a gasp, a breath of life that enlivens the body. It was similarly understood in the entire ancient East, among others in Egypt and Babylon.


So what’s the scent of RUAH? What fragrances are carried by this special breath? On the one hand, scents that are equated with religion. On the another, those referring to the world of nature, brimming with freshness, bringing relief, but also spicy and musky in their own way.


RUAH has a light, elegant fragrance that will mainly appeal to all men. In a room, it creates an atmosphere that fosters creative pursuit and reflection.

Burning a candle

To ensure that your candles last as long as possible, we recommend that you read the following tips.

Each candle burning session should not last shorter than until the wax is melted all the way across the surface. To prevent black flames, trim the wick to about 0.5 cm before the next time you lit a candle. Remove the cut portion from the candle. On single occasion, do not burn the candle for longer than 4 hours. Avoid moving or tilting a burning candle.


If the wick is leaning slightly, gently straighten it before the wax hardens again. It is recommended to wait until the wax hardens completely before lighting a candle up again. It's best to use a candle extinguisher or a candle snuffer hat to extinguish a candle. It’s also important not to let the candle burn all the way down. We recommend that you discontinue burning the candle when there remains less than 1 centimeter of unmelted wax.

Do not store the candle in damp places or in places exposed to direct sunlight. If the candle requires cleaning, it can be gently washed in cold water and left to dry out before next use. It’s worth noticing that wax colour can differ depending on the fragrance, which is a natural phenomenon resulting from oil composition.



The candle should always be placed in a safe, temperature-resistant place. It’s important to place the candle away from flammable materials such as furniture and curtains and sources of heat, such as radiators and TVs. Keep burning candles away from draughts.

If there are a few candles burning, keep a minimum distance of 20 centimetres between them. It’s also important not to leave the burning candle unattended. Do not move the burning candle to avoid the risk of spilling hot wax.

Remember that the flame should not reach glass walls as it may cause damage and cracking. If you’re hypersensitive to fragrances, exercise necessary caution while burning the candle.

It’s also important to keep candles away from children and pets to avoid accidental access to flame and prevent potential dangers.

Technical data

wax weight 920 g
burning time 140 hours
glass dimensions height 14 cm, diameter 14cm
Composition mineral wax
glass colour red
recommended for this fragrance is refreshing, so it will work perfectly in smaller rooms, such as a bathroom

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